Where can I find heating and air conditioning filters online?
The links on this page will take you directly to HVAC air filters online.

What is the best HVAC air filter?

The best air filter for your home depends on how much airborne contaminents you want to trap. This comes at a higher price per filter, and requires you to change the air filter more often. Remember, the more matter you build up on a filter, the less air flow you are getting to your HVAC system. HEPA filters trap more debris, but need to be changed more often than a standard, disposable filter.

The term "HVAC air filter" can be generalized as any type of filter that can be placed in the return air side of an indoor fan or blower unit to capture airborne contaminants. The amount of debris an air filter captures is rated in "microns" meaning one-millionth of a meter or .00004 of an inch. HVAC air filters come in different widths and lengths to cover the entire return air opening.

This web page is for general heating and air conditioning air filters. It was developed to give the user an array of options to find and research the correct air filter for their indoor HVAC unit.

General HVAC air filters can be categorized as any air filter from standard fiberglass to HEPA filtration that properly fit your type of system. A properly sized air filter fits in a custom or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filter frame without tearing or bending, all-the-while covering all of the return air opening.

An under-sized air filter will allow more contaminants to pass through the exposed opening putting them back into your home or system. As an under-sized filter traps any dirt and debris, the negative pressures constantly pulling on the filter will eventually just pass through the unfiltered area. An oversided air filter will bend and could come dislodged from the filer rack.

The vendors' websites, listed below, contains online information on air filters for HVAC systems.

HVAC Air Filters Online

Go to A/C Filters 4 LessA/C Filters 4 Less linkA/C Filters 4 Less:AC Filters or Furnace Filters From AC Filters 4 Less, Buy Now and Save on EZ Flow, Flanders, Glasfloss, Purolator, Trane, Honeywell, Aprilaire, Carrier.
– acfilters4less.com
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Go to AirFilters.comAirFilters.com linkAirFilters.com:Air Filters all Brands & Sizes Direct to your Door - AirFilters.com
– airfilters.com
Go to American FiltrationAmerican Filtration linkAmerican Filtration:Furnace filters and air conditioning filters for home and commercial systems. American Air Filter distributor. Over 4000 replacement filters and custom made sizes available.
– aafilters.com
Go to Capital Air FiltersCapital Air Filters linkCapital Air Filters:Capital Air Filters offers discount air filtration products in North Carolina to meet your requirements for clean air and better indoor air quality.
– filtersonline.com
Go to Discount FiltersDiscount Filters linkDiscount Filters:Amazing Deals on Furnace Filters! Breathe cleaner indoor air - New furnace filters help reduce pollutants and odors in your home's air.
– discountfilters.com
Go to Factory Direct FiltersFactory Direct Filters linkFactory Direct Filters:HVAC filters in standard and all hard-to-find sizes at Factory Direct Filters. No minimum order.
– factorydirectfilters.com/hvac-filters
Go to Filter EasyFilter Easy linkFilter Easy:FilterEasy delivers the best filters to your door at a price you'll love, exactly when it is time to change them.
– filtereasy.com
Go to FilterBuyFilterBuy linkFilterBuy:FilterBuy | American Made Furnace Air Filters. Factory Direct. | Quality replacement filters delivered to your door. No hassle. No commitments.
– filterbuy.com
Go to Filters-NowFilters-Now linkFilters-Now:Furnace filters and air conditioning filters for all sizes. Order Accumulair, 3M, Honeywell, Aprilaire, Holmes, and more furnace filters any size Air Filters.
– filters-now.com
Go to FiltreteFiltrete linkFiltrete:Smart Air Filters | Filtrete | Understand your home’s air quality with the latest in smart technology.
– filtrete.com/3M/en_US/filtrete/products/smart-filter-technology
Go to GraingerGrainger linkGrainger:Air Filters - HVAC and Refrigeration - Grainger Industrial Supply | Shop Grainger for HVAC air filters. Find the HVAC filter that best suits your needs to clear your air of fumes, odors and particulates. Auto-Reorder available.
– grainger.com/category/hvac-and-refrigeration/air-filters
Go to HoneywellHoneywell linkHoneywell:Air Cleaner Filters | Honeywell Home | Honeywell air cleaner filters keep your home's air clean and comfortable. Filters ensure your heating and cooling systems run efficiently.
– honeywellhome.com/en/products/air-cleaner-filters
Go to IAQSourceIAQSource linkIAQSource:Iaqsource.com sells professional grade indoor air quality solutions such as furnace filters & air conditioner filters at rock bottom prices. You'll breathe easier with air quality solutions from iaqsource.com.
– iaqsource.com
Go to K&N FiltersK&N Filters linkK&N Filters:Install a washable, replaceable HVAC air filter & enjoy cleaner home air. Help protect your family from bacteria, dust, and allergens with K&N washable home air & furnace filters.
– knfilters.com/home-air-filters
Go to Nordic PureNordic Pure linkNordic Pure:Nordic Pure manufactures NordicPure brand air filters.
– nordicpure.com
Go to The Home DepotThe Home Depot linkThe Home Depot:Stock up on air filters, furnace filters and air conditioner filters. We offer a large selection in all sizes and brands, custom and hard-to-find sizes.
– homedepot.com/b/Heating-Venting-Cooling-Air-Filters
Go to U.S. Home FilterU.S. Home Filter linkU.S. Home Filter:U.S. Home Filter is the Midwest's leader in home air filters. Full line of stock air filters and quick shipping custom air filters available.
– ushomefilter.com
Go to Your Filter ConnectionYour Filter Connection linkYour Filter Connection:Your Filter Connection is an online distributor of air conditioning, furnace, and humidifier replacement filters. Shop our inventory of over 150 sizes today!
– yourfilterconnection.com
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