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Air filters also keep your indoor HVAC unit clean

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Air Filters And Outdoor Air Quality

When you think of air filters, you think of indoor air quality. When we purchase an air filter, most of us never consider in where we live and how outdoor air quality affects the indoor air we breathe. Though the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) definition of "indoor air quality" varies from ASHRAE's (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), both agree it's the health or hypersensitivity of the inhabitants to certain pollutants and contaminates that dictates the air quality and how it affects each person individually. Basically, this means that each person reacts differently to certain pollutants and contaminants. For example, in areas that are high in pollen counts, some people will have allergic reactions to pollen, while others are not affected by the higher levels. Though homes have become more energy-efficient, outdoor pollutants and contaminates can still enter our dwellings. The levels of pollutants and contaminates in our outdoor air quality are environmentally controlled through natural or industrial sources. The first step is the inhabitant's sensitivity to contaminants. Begin with the person in the household who has the strongest reactions to air quality and to what pollutants or contaminants. The second determination on what type of air filter to buy is what you don't want in your indoor air (e.g. dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens, etc., ). Your area's outdoor air quality is the third factor in managing your total indoor air quality. The last step is research. There are many different types of air filtration devices and materials on the market. Some are simply inserted or adapted directly to your HVAC system. Ask questions. There is a right air filter out there for you. Remember, no air filter can eliminate 100% of the contaminates we breathe, but there are ones who can help manage it.

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Clean ductwork starts with keeping your air filters changed.

HVAC Air Filtration:
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Airborne Contaminants
Airborne Particulates
Air Filtration
Allergens / Pollen Spores
Chemicals / Cleaners
Dirt / Dust Mites
Environmental Pollution
Fungi / Fungus
HEPA Filtration
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
Lead / Cadmium / Chromium (Metals)
Microns / Micron Rating
Microbial / Microorganisms
Mold / Mildew
Pet Dander / Human Dander
Pleated Type Air Filters
MERV Ratings
Standard / Disposable
Smells / Odors / Smoke
ULPA Filtration
Vapors / Gases / Fumes / Mists
Viruses / Bacterias
VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Washable Type Filters

When sizing an air filter allow 1/2" off both total width and height.