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Direct From The Tech...
When changing a dirty air filter does not solve a cooling problem.

Most people have done this; life gets busy. You forgot to change the indoor air filter after last season and when you turned on the air conditioning system, it doesn't work well, or you find that the indoor coil and refrigerant pipe has iced up. You've gone online to find that if the outdoor and indoor (blower) units are running, it's most likely a low refrigerant problem or a dirty air filter. You open the indoor unit or filter access to pull out a completely clogged or a very dirty filter. You replace it with a new one or clean a washable type filter and that should do the trick, right? Well, to understand the after-effects of the situation, you first need to understand how air filters for HVAC systems work. Standard (disposable) and washable air filters only trap a certain amount of dirt and airborne contaminants. The particles that make it through are going to get caught in A: the indoor refrigerant coil, B: the unit's blower motor and wheel, C: the supply ducting (ductwork coming out from the indoor unit) or D: back into your house. Don't get me wrong, disposable air filters are a good media to maintain a standard amount of debris from entering your system, but they need replacing on a monthly basis, especially during an active season (winter/summer). Every type of air filter can become very dirty depending on the amount of usage and the amount of particulates entering the system. If you have problems with dirt/debris or other airborne contaminates, there are many types of air filtration options to choose from to fit your needs. Do the research or ask the vendors listed on this page. Back to the initial problem. If you removed a dirty air filter, you need to check the indoor refrigerant coil for restricted metal fins. You may have to remove the coil's access door to inspect the fins. If the refrigerant pipes are keeping you from completely removing the door, pull back the opposite side of the door to inspect the fins. Never pull on the side the refrigerant lines are blocking, you could easily cause the sealed refrigerant piping to bend or split. Depending on the installation or design of your system, you may not see the indoor refrigerant coil's fins for examination. You can try using the filter access. I do not recommend cutting or removing anything that could cause damage to you or the system. If you have a way to see the indoor coil's fins, use a bright light for a closer inspection. The fins are a shiny to a dull light-gray metallic metal; never brown or black! If you can see the fins and there is some surface dirt, you can use a mild detergent in a spray bottle and another bottle with warm/hot water for a rinse. NEVER touch the fins with a glove, cloth or sponge. The metal fins are very sharp and can tear and trap the material. Just spray on the detergent and rinse. This is only for a coil with a small amount of surface dirt and you can visibly see all the fins. If the coil is completely clogged with dirt and you can only see some of the fins or none at all, you will need a professional cleaning. The technician may have to remove the evaporator coil and even the motor and blower wheel from the indoor unit for a proper and thorough cleaning. Sufficient air flow is crucial to keep a system working at its peak efficiency and cooing capacity. It will also prevent your air conditioning system from future operation problems.

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