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Go to Filters-NowFilters-Now linkFilters-Now:Custom air filters, exact size air filters, furnace filters, air filters for house and air conditioner filters.
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Go to Nebraska Air FilterNebraska Air Filter linkNebraska Air Filter:Buy Custom Air Filters -
Go to Never Buy Another FilterNever Buy Another Filter linkNever Buy Another Filter:Your home should be your "allergy safe zone."Washable Air Care filters provide relief for allergy sufferers! Reduces airborne dust and allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander.
Go to Nordic PureNordic Pure linkNordic Pure:Custom sized MERV rated, pleated furnace air filters |
Go to Ontime Air FiltersOntime Air Filters linkOntime Air Filters:Order custom size air filters and odd-sized filters you can't find at stores at On Time Air Filters, your home for delivery of custom filters.
Go to Remember The FilterRemember The Filter linkRemember The Filter:Custom furnace filters and air conditioner filters made to your exact size. We have a large selection of custom furnace filters for you to choose from including pleated and fiberglass filters.
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Go to U.S. Home FilterU.S. Home Filter linkU.S. Home Filter:If you cannot find the replacement air filter size that your system requires, we can build your exact size! You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars having your HVAC system re-engineered to accommodate standard sizes. Affordable prices and quick lead times take the frustration out of ordering custom air filters.
Go to VenfilterVenfilter linkVenfilter:Sometimes we find systems that require a of non-standard sized air filtes, so that is the main reason why here at Venfilter we can manufacture custom sized filters for every filtering requirement. | Venfilter Air filters and industrial ventilation
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Special Air Filters: Custom Sized

There are circumstances where an HVAC system can have an air filter that is not a standard size. What we define as "standard size" are filters that are mass-produced at certain dimensions (width and length). For example, a 16" x 20" filter is a common (standard) sized air filter. You can get filters custom sized to fit your indoor unit properly. After placed in its housing, a filter should never have any gaps that dirt or debris can pass by to the indoor unit. This will cause dirty blower motors and wheels, heat exchangers (furnaces), and evaporator refrigerant coils (air conditioning or heat pumps). Some filters are slid into a filter rack attached to the unit or in the return ducting. Some filters come in a return filter grille. These grilles have a door that swings out; exposing the filter for replacement. An air filter should fit in the filter rack or grille housing and be easily removed and replaced. You can test this by removing the filter from its housing without snagging or bending. If you ever had an air filter forced out of its housing and into the indoor unit, it was either too dirty or undersized. Being too dirty will cause a proper sized filter to come out of its holder because the force of the indoor blower will cause a dirty filter to collapse; forcing it into the system. An undersized filter will do the same. All filters are ½" of the exact dimensions of its housing. So a standard 16" x 20" filter is actually 15½" x 19½". This provides a ¼" play to replace and remove easily. So remember, if you are looking for a custom sized air filter take the exact measurement of its housing (width and length) and subtract ½" from each result to ensure a proper fit and filtration.

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An air filter that is not sized properly for its filter rack will allow dirt and other impurities to pass around it.

Keep your indoor air clean as well as your HVAC unit and ducting by getting the right sized filter online.