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HVAC Software: When You Replace An HVAC System, A Load Calculation Should Be Done

This dates me, but I remember when you installed or replaced an air conditioning system for a house, you took the square footage of the building, times it by 12, added 6000, and rounded it up to the nearest 1/2 ton (6000 btu/h). For example, a 1200 square foot home = 1200 x 12 + 6000 = 20400 btu/hr. Since 12,000 btu/hr = 1 ton of cooling. The nearest 1/2 ton to 20400 would be 24,000 btu/hr or 2 tons of cooling.

The formula worked well for the old 8 SEER systems. The only R rating we were concerned with then was at the movies (bad joke about thermal resistance). Most houses were heated by gas or oil. When you added air conditioning, you had to change the blower motor and installed a fan center on the furnace. This was for generating higher fan speeds in the air conditioning mode.

That was a long time ago and changes in HVAC technology have greatly improved since then. Energy efficiency is now a concern. Homes are better insulated and engineering improvements to doors and windows have changed exceedingly.

For example, an older home that had single pane window glass, and little or no insulation in the walls or attic, would be sized for a 3 ton AC system. With upgrades to the windows and more insulation in the walls and attic, a new 2.5 ton air conditioning system could now do the same job as the old 3 ton system using less energy. Today, many factors go into calculating the values to correctly size an HVAC system.

What is the best heating and cooling load calculation for a home?

For residential homes, the best method of calculating heat loss/gain is called a Manual J. This heat and cooling load calculation, developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), can be manually or computer calculated. I suggest a computerized version because it provides input values for an easier and faster calculation. Most software versions offer instructions on inputting data. A properly sized HVAC system, combined with a seasonal service check, will provide years of efficient operation.

The vendors' websites, listed below, contains online information on heating and air conditioning software.

HVAC Computer Programs Online

Go to BenchmarkBenchmark linkBenchmark:Design, Estimate, and Fabricate. Benchmark is the collaborative HVAC CAD solution that takes your projects from conception to completion.
– http://hvaccadsoftware.com
Go to CarrierCarrier linkCarrier:HVAC System Design Software | Carrier Building Solutions
– carrier.com/commercial/en/us/software/hvac-system-design
ComfortAirComfortAir linkComfortAir:Air conditioning sizing made easy, by using ComfortAir HVAC Software for hourly load analysis.
– comfortair-software.com
Design MasterDesign Master linkDesign Master:Learn more about Design Master HVAC, 3D HVAC building information modeling software for AutoCAD.
– designmaster.biz/products/hvac
DeFNiC SoftwareDeFNiC Software linkDeFNiC Software:Work order software designed for the HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Mechanical service industry.
– dispatchedsoftware.com
Elite SoftwareElite Software linkElite Software:Elite Software - 30 hvac software programs for all aspects of hvac, plumbing and electrical System Design.
– elitesoft.com/web/hvacr/elite_rhvacw_info
EMSEMS linkEMS:Load Calc Home
– hvacloadcalculator.com
Go to FieldEdgeFieldEdge linkFieldEdge:FieldEdge features help mechanical contractors stay more connected, improve tech performance, save office staff time and market better.
– fieldedge.com/hvac-software/
Go to Fireline SystemsFireline Systems linkFireline Systems:HVAC Pack Field Service Software designed for QuickBooks for Service Dispatch, Service Scheduling Quick Books, HVAC Service Software Scheduling for Quick Books.
– hvacpack.com
HVAC SolutionHVAC Solution linkHVAC Solution:Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC Equipment and Systems.
– hvacsolution.com
HVAC-CalcHVAC-Calc linkHVAC-Calc:HVAC-Calc: The Heat Gain Heat Loss Calculator... do-it-yourself
– hvac-calc.com
Go to LoadCalcLoadCalc linkLoadCalc:Manual J load calculator, HVAC calculation, Whole house- www.loadcalc.net
– loadcalc.net
ServiceCEOServiceCEO linkServiceCEO:ServiceCEO software can help your air conditioning service business with management, scheduling, dispatching, billing, and estimating tools; helping you do more with less effort.
– serviceceo.com/air-conditioning-software
Go to Smart ServiceSmart Service linkSmart Service:Take your HVAC company to another level with Smart Service, the best HVAC Software for QuickBooks. Schedule and manage your team with ease! | HVAC Software - The Best Software for HVAC Scheduling, HVAC Dispatch, and More.
– smartservice.com/hvac-software
WrightsoftWrightsoft linkWrightsoft:Wrightsoft HVAC software is the complete solution for HVAC load calculations, system design and sales requirements.
– wrightsoft.com
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The links on this page will take you to HVAC software online.
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