Where can I find geothermal software online?
The links on this page will take you directly to geothermal related software online.

Geothermal HVAC Software Online

Go to Adtek SoftwareAdtek Software linkAdtek Software:AccuLoad and AccuComm is an easy, fast and accurate computer software program for calculating heat loss & gain for residential & commercial buildings for sizing HVAC systems.
– http://www.adteksoft.com/SoftwareRes
Go to ApogeeApogee linkApogee:Residential Energy Solutions | Apogee Interactive
– https://www.apogee.net/residential-energy-solutions
Go to BardBard linkBard:E-Tools - Bard HVAC | Geothermal Calculator | Loop Link Geothermal Design Software
– http://www.bardhvac.com/technical-data/e-tools
Go to ClimateMasterClimateMaster linkClimateMaster:GeoDesigner Software | CMDealerNet
– https://www.climatemaster.com/geothermal-dealer/residential/sales--system-sizing-tools
Go to Elite SoftwareElite Software linkElite Software:Earth Coupled Analysis | Elite Software - 30 HVAC software programs for all aspects of HVAC, plumbing and electrical System Design.
– https://www.elitesoft.com/web/hvacr
Go to Gaia GeothermalGaia Geothermal linkGaia Geothermal:Ground Loop Design Software | Gaia Geothermal
– https://www.gaiageo.com
Go to GeoAnalystGeoAnalyst linkGeoAnalyst:Geothermal Design and Application Software - Enertech Global
– http://www.geoanalyst.net
Go to GEO HourlyGEO Hourly linkGEO Hourly:Geothermal Design for residential and commercial systems integrated to save time in your ground loop design, energy cost analysis, and hybrid design.
– https://geohourly.com
Go to Geo-ConnectionsGeo-Connections linkGeo-Connections:Geothermal Software | GeoConnections.com
– https://geoconnectionsinc.com
Go to GeoKISSGeoKISS linkGeoKISS:Free Design Software | Ground Source Heat Pump Design | GeoKISS.com
– http://geokiss.com/free-design-software
Go to GeoSelect ProGeoSelect Pro linkGeoSelect Pro:Commercial Geothermal Software
– http://geoselectpro.com
Go to HVAC-CalcHVAC-Calc linkHVAC-Calc:HVAC-Calc is an easy to use yet accurate computer program for calculating heat loss and heat gain, both residential and commercial.
– https://www.hvaccomputer.com
Go to IGSHPAIGSHPA linkIGSHPA:Software | International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
– https://igshpa.org/software
Go to LeapfrogLeapfrog linkLeapfrog:Find out about Leapfrog Geothermal system requirements, licensing options and download the latest version of the software.
– https://www.leapfrog3d.com/products/leapfrog-geothermal
Go to MARSMARS linkMARS:LoopLogix Geothermal Design Software.
– https://www.marsdelivers.com/products/1092/Geothermal-Residential
Go to Oklahoma State UniversityOklahoma State University linkOklahoma State University:Ground Loop Heat Exchanger Design Software | Building & Environmental Thermal Systems | GLHEPRO is used for designing ground loop heat exchangers for use with ground source heat pump systems.
– https://hvac.okstate.edu/glhepro/overview
Go to REHAUREHAU linkREHAU:Quickly create professional pipe layout drawings for radiant heating, cooling and snow and ice melting projects. | REHAU LoopCAD Software
– https://www.rehau.com/us-en/mechanical-and-plumbing/services/software
Go to Thermal DynamicsThermal Dynamics linkThermal Dynamics:Ground Loop Design | Piping System Designer
– https://www.groundloopdesign.com
Go to U.S. Dept. of EnergyU.S. Dept. of Energy linkU.S. Dept. of Energy:Here you can find software programs that model geothermal systems and economics, as well as data related to geothermal technology and energy to assist with calculation and model construction.
– https://energy.gov/eere/geothermal/software-and-data
Go to WaterFurnaceWaterFurnace linkWaterFurnace:Ground Loop Design Premier | Geothermal HVAC Designer | WaterFurnace.com
– https://www.waterfurnace.com/gld
Go to WrightsoftWrightsoft linkWrightsoft:Right-Loop™ | Wrightsoft is the leading provider of HVAC load calculation, design and sales tools to the HVAC contractor. Right-Loop uses worksheets for accurate geothermal loop design for a variety of parameters and system types.
– http://www.wrightsoft.com/products/right-loop
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The links on this page will take you to geothermal HVAC software online.

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Geothermal Software & Programs:
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Heat / Loss Load Calculations
Heat Pump Systems
Equipment Sizing / Btu/hWater-To-Water
Closed Loop / Open Loop
Ground Source / Water Source
Pipe Sizing / Design
Energy Savings / Efficiency / CoP
Pressure Drop / Circulation
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