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Go to ViessmannViessmann linkViessmann:Professional simulation program for the planning and design of solar thermal systems.
– http://www.viessmann.ca/en/residential/solar/components/esop
Go to KalkenerKalkener linkKalkener:Kalkener is an online simulation software that calculates savings through the energy efficiency and the facilities based on renewable energies. Kalkener calculates and sizes the main components of the solar thermal water heating systems, simulates its annual energy production and calculates its key profitability indicators (NPV and IRR). Kalkener makes the estimation and verification of savings through the optimization of the parameters in the electric bill, optimizing the contracted power values, avoiding the reactive energy consumption, saving money through the proper price of energy and power by choosing the best electricity marketer.
– http://kalkener.com/en
Go to MeteodynMeteodyn linkMeteodyn:Solar irradiance assessment software: pedestrian comfort in urban area, building thermal performance, photovoltaic solar energy production.
– http://meteodyn.com/en/logiciels/solar-radiation-comfort-thermal-energy-urbasun-software
Go to Valentin SoftwareValentin Software linkValentin Software:Solar thermal design with our solar simulation software T*SOL. Calculate the degree of efficiency of heating systems!
– http://www.valentin-software.com/en/products/solar-thermal
Go to Solar ConsultingSolar Consulting linkSolar Consulting:Solar system design and software. Solar heating, solar thermal, and solar electric design and analysis.
– http://www.solarconsulting.us/polysun
Go to Dr. Baum ResearchDr. Baum Research linkDr. Baum Research:Solar software for 3D design and shading analysis of solar projects. How to analyze and avoid shadows on solar collectors to protect your solar investments; how to explore the solar energy potential of your site and optimize your solar project according to your local architecture conditions and regional climate characteristics.
– http://drbaumresearch.com
Go to OventropOventrop linkOventrop:Online Solar Calculation and Simulation of Solar Thermal Systems | Oventrop.solar-software.de
– http://oventrop.solar-software.de/system/lang/eng
Go to Google Play AppsGoogle Play Apps linkGoogle Play Apps:Solar panel calculator with shade analysis | ScanTheSun - Android Apps on Google Play
– https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scanthesun
Go to Maui Solar Energy SoftwareMaui Solar Energy Software linkMaui Solar Energy Software:Solar Energy, PV Software, Photovoltaic Software | MauiSolarSoftware.com
– http://mauisolarsoftware.com/
Go to Solar EstimateSolar Estimate linkSolar Estimate: The Solar Estimate solar calculator is a free online tool showing solar system prices solar panel production solar payback calculations and cost of a solar system after rebates.
– http://www.solar-estimate.org
Go to HelioscopeHelioscope linkHelioscope:Web-based PV design software. Quickly design solar systems, simulate their efficiency.
– https://www.helioscope.com
Go to WinSiteWinSite linkWinSite:SimCHIP | Simulation Tool for Cooling and Heat Supply | Solar Assisted Heating
– http://www.winsite.com/Home-Education/Science/SimCHIP
Go to WrightsoftWrightsoft linkWrightsoft:Right-SolarDHW™ | Solar Thermal System Design | Wrightsoft.com
– http://www.wrightsoft.com/amana/products/right-suite_universal/right-solardhw
Go to CA Energy CommissionCA Energy Commission linkCA Energy Commission:Solar Water Heating Calculation for Built Up System.
– http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/swh_calculator
Go to Solar DesignSolar Design linkSolar Design:Distributors of survey tools and simulation software for solar thermal and PV.
– http://www.solardesign.co.uk/softwareindex

Solar Computer Programs:
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Simulation Program
Load Calculation
Thermal Water Heating
Photovoltaic System Design
Energy Savings Calculation
Piping Design
Planning Software
Layout / Survey Program
Energy Efficiency

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