We have compiled the top questions asked to our regional associates to help our social media members understand us better.

Q. What do you do?
A. The Hrytec (pronounced Her-Tech) Group is comprised of several departments each focused on the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) industries. Currently, we are concentrating on the HVAC/R industry. Some of our departments include product development and technical advancements, computer programming, software and web development, industry advocacy and awareness, and career opportunities.

Q. What makes you different from other companies in the industry?
A. To start, we are not contractors nor do we publish our views on industry-related brands, items, equipment, etc. We develop awareness for new products, industry advancements and regulations and how they affecting the industry currently and in the future. We have associates who have established relationships worldwide with people and companies in the HVAC/R industry.

Q. What does social media do for you?
A. Social media, like Facebook, gives us a platform to see the HVAC/R industry through the eyes of the people personally involved. These people are the future and the past history of this industry. They come together on social media to help each other and provide their own advice, experiences and opinions. These people are the heart of the industry. We want their views on industry-related topics and advancements. Their optimism, or pessimism, on the industry's future. This helps us prioritize our goals and spreads awareness to others.

Q. So your social media pages are for your members to discuss projects or give technical advice?
A. There are many social media groups and forums online for our members to ask technical questions. Though from time to time we do get some of those, our main goal is to inform our members of industry-related topics, changes and advancements and to welcome their comments about the subject. We want views from the service technician, apprentice, installer, business owner, instructor, sale people, distributors and others directly involved in the industry. The Hrytec Group have associates who have been in the industry for 30 or more years and each can tell you that they are constantly learning from today's industry.

Our formula is simple: AWARENESS = LEARNING = UNDERSTANDING = ADVOCACY = BETTER FUTURE. That is our mission.

Q. So what other things can your members expect in the future?
A. We will have exclusive “members only” technical pages and programs that they can access through our Facebook page directly to a cell phone, tablet or laptop. This will include troubleshooting ladders, wiring diagrams, formulas and technical information. We are also excited about other HVAC programs and product advancements in development that we will launch in the coming months.

Q. Why a worldwide presence?
A. When The Hrytec Group was started, we made the determination to be part of the whole industry. We wanted to compare the differences and similarities; strengths and weaknesses, that the industry reveals in different regions. The HVAC/R industry in the United States is different from the industry in parts of Europe, Africa, Ukraine, China or Indonesia, to identify a few areas we have associates.

Q. Can you give us examples?
A. Environmental and energy laws in each country. The types of equipment and refrigerants being used in different regions. How they look at designing HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings, to name a few examples.

Q. You have to see political or religious posts from different areas of the world?
A. We do, but it is not as much as one might think in these troubling times. The main posts we receive are industry related. We rarely see any negativity between cultures or groups. They like to talk about the HVAC/R industry in their region and have the same concerns and need for knowledge as we all do.

Q. What concerns do you have for the HVAC/R industry?
A. The technology of the industry is ever-changing to what it was just 10 years ago. Refrigerant laws, energy efficiency, alternative energy, disposal, etc. is making the HVAC/R industry a complex career choice for future generations. It used to be that most buildings were heated by oil-fired equipment then gas-fired then unitary (heat pumps). There was a lot of time between these advancements for people in the HVAC/R industry to adjust to these changes. New advancements and environmental laws do not afford the same opportunity to people in the industry today. We need to properly train people coming into the industry and assist them where help is needed.

Q. Are there any negative things you see in using social media?
A. One of the major peeves we have about social media are the people who constantly berate others who are starting in the industry for asking technical questions. We are talking about the constant bullying and belittling comments. I think it is the duty of the moderators for those groups to oust those types. They are not helping your industry.

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