Where can I find replacement parts for my geothermal heat pump online?
The links on this page will take you directly to geothermal HVAC replacement parts online.

Replacement parts for geothermal HVAC systems

Most parts for a geothermal heat pump system are the same as a conventional air-source heat pump system. Major differences would be the unit's control boards, compressors, relays or other proprietary components.

The first thing to know is if your geothermal HVAC system is a ground source or water source system. Some OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are made specifically for the type and brand of system you have.

Before you purchase a compatible replacement part for a geothermal heat pump, make sure it is the correct electrical rating, size and will not disturb the efficiency or performance of the system.

If you have any doubts, ask the parts vendor if the component is compatible for your system.

Where to find Geothermal heat pump parts online

Go to AC Unit PartsAC Unit Parts linkAC Unit Parts:Buy OEM Bosch FHP Florida Heat Pump Parts Online at AC Unit Parts | Bosch parts, Bosch OEM parts, FHP parts, FHP OEM parts, Florida Heat Pump parts
– https://www.acunitparts.com/bosch-fhp
Go to BardBard linkBard:Geothermal Parts Manuals | Bard Geothermal Source Heat Pump Units | Parts Breakdown | Residential Products
– http://www.bardhvac.com/technical-data/parts-manuals
Go to Bosch ThermotechnologyBosch Thermotechnology linkBosch Thermotechnology:Geothermal - Parts - Accessories | Bosch Thermotechnology
– https://www.bosch-climate.us/products-bosch-thermotechnology/geothermal-heat-pumps/geothermal-parts-accessories/
Go to ClimateMasterClimateMaster linkClimateMaster:ClimateMaster: Find Distributor AND Unit Parts and Information
– https://climatemaster.com/index/unit_info-action
Go to DWGDWG linkDWG:Water Furnace Geothermal Heat Pumps and Replacement Parts | Factory Direct Wholesale Pricing on Water Furnace Geothermal Heat Pumps and Parts.
– https://www.airconditionparts.com/product-category/waterfurnace-air-conditioning-equipment-and-parts/waterfurnace-parts
Go to Electric Motors & PumpsElectric Motors & Pumps linkElectric Motors & Pumps:Circulation pumps are perfect for heating or cooling applications such as Hot Water, Geothermal, Radiant Panel and Snow Melting in Large Residential and Light Commercial installations.
– https://www.electricmotorsandpumps.com
Go to FergusonFerguson linkFerguson:Geothermal Parts & Accessories - Heating & Cooling - Shop for Geothermal Parts & Accessories at Ferguson.
– https://www.ferguson.com/category/heating-cooling/geothermal-parts-accessories/_/N-zbq3sc
Go to GBSGBS linkGBS:Geothermal Parts | Aaon - Climatemaster- IEC | GBS LTD
– http://gbs-ltd.net/parts
Go to Geo Direct SupplyGeo Direct Supply linkGeo Direct Supply:Geo Direct Supply: Heat Pumps Earthloop Materials Hydronics Radiant Floor Heat Materials Fan Coils Pumps Filters Controls Antifreeze Plumbing Insulation Tools Electrical Fly Away Roll Up Screens Beach King Sea Legs
– https://geodirectsupply.com/
Go to GeoComfortGeoComfort linkGeoComfort:Geothermal Accessories. We offer geothermal accessories to meet the needs of any residential or commercial building.
– https://geocomfort.com/geothermal-accessories
Go to Geothermal DepotGeothermal Depot linkGeothermal Depot:Geothermal Depot | Geothermal Heat Pump | Components
– https://geothermaldepot.com/component
Go to Heat Pump SuppliersHeat Pump Suppliers linkHeat Pump Suppliers:First Co. Compressors | Heat Pump Online Store | Heat Pump Suppliers | Geothermal Heat Pump Supplies | Geothermal and Water Source
– https://heatpumpsuppliers.com/heat-pump-online-store/product-category/hvac-equipment-supplies/compressors-hvac-equipment-supplies/first-co/
Go to HVAC PlusHVAC Plus linkHVAC Plus:ClimateMaster Parts | Shop By Manufacturers
– https://www.hvacplus.com/climate-master
Go to Ingram's Water & AirIngram's Water & Air linkIngram's Water & Air:Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning Parts | Ingrams Water & Air
– https://iwae.com/shop/geothermal/accessories/replacement-parts
Go to Johnstone SupplyJohnstone Supply linkJohnstone Supply:HVACR PARTS. The source for all your HVACR parts.
– https://www.johnstonesupply.com/storefront/hvacr-parts
Go to Lennox ProsLennox Pros linkLennox Pros:GeoThermal Parts | LennoxPROs.com | LennoxPROs.com offers durable geothermal parts.
– https://www.lennoxpros.com/parts-and-supplies/geothermal/geothermal-parts
Go to MARSMARS linkMARS:MARS Delivering Confidence HVAC/R Components
– https://www.marsdelivers.com/products/87/HVAC-R-Components
Go to Miami Heat PumpsMiami Heat Pumps linkMiami Heat Pumps:Geothermal heat pump parts - Components - Pumps - Pipe | Miami Heat Pumps.com
– http://www.miamiheatpumps.com/geothermal-parts-components-pumps-pipe
Go to O'Connor CompanyO'Connor Company linkO'Connor Company:Geothermal Equipment Parts | OConnor-HVAC.com
– https://shop.oconnor-hvac.com/CatSearch/3/parts
Go to PSC DistributionPSC Distribution linkPSC Distribution:Geaothermal Heat Pump Parts | Shop By Category
– https://www.pscia.com/125557/Category/Geothermal-Heat-Pumps
Go to PTAC SolutionsPTAC Solutions linkPTAC Solutions:ClimateMaster Parts | Geothermal HVAC Parts | Shop McQuay, Singer, Accustat, Alco, Emerson, Tekmar & others.
– https://www.ptacsolutions.com/ClimateMaster-Parts
Go to RadwellRadwell linkRadwell:Climatemaster Parts | New, Surplus and repair parts. | Custom Product Search
– https://www.radwell.com/en-US/Brand/CLIMATEMASTER
Go to Tallahasse WinAir Co.Tallahasse WinAir Co. linkTallahasse WinAir Co.:Tallahassee Winair Company provides HVAC supplies to Tallahassee, FL. For HVAC parts, including geothermal heat pumps and more, contact us today!
– https://www.tallahasseewinair1.com
Go to Technical Hot and ColdTechnical Hot and Cold linkTechnical Hot and Cold :Technical Hot and Cold offers ClimateMaster Geothermal, Heat Pump and Air Handler parts for sale and over the phone with a 1-year warranty and a 1-year return policy.
– http://www.technicalhotandcoldparts.com
Go to Thermco EnergyThermco Energy linkThermco Energy:Thermco Energy Systems Saving Energy Residential Evaporative Consender Cooling and Evaporative Subcooling Air Conditioning Products.
– http://thermcoenergysystems.com/product_geothermal_supply
The links on this page will take you to geothermal heat pump parts online.
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Geothermal Heat Pump Parts:
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Motors: Air Handler / Blower / Condenser
Control Boards
Relays / Switches
Blower Wheels / Fans
Coils: Condenser / Air Handler / Indoor
Reversing Valves / Solenoids
Contactors / Transformers
Expansion Valves / Metering Pistons
Sensors: Temperature / Limit
Accumulator / TXV Valves
Piping: Valves / Fittings
Electric Heaters
Zone Valves
Circulating Pumps
Flow Centers

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