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Inverter technology is the newest thing in efficiency.

Direct From The Tech...
What Purchasing A High-Efficiency HVAC System Means...In The Long Run

When purchasing an HVAC system for replacement (retrofit) or a new home, you will hear abbreviated terms like SEER, COP, AFUE, CAE, and HSPF. Instead of explaining what each of these terms means, I will tell you what they are used for. They are ratios and measurements of efficiency. The higher the number from the standard rating the more energy-efficient the HVAC unit. The standard rating is determined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The current energy and water conservation standards from the DOE can be found here.(DOE 430.31 link image) So what does this mean to you as a consumer purchasing a HVAC system? What did you think I was going to say? Nothing!? Everything!? The answer is exactly what your reaction to the question would be. If you answered, "I don't know." you are willing to learn about the benefits of high-efficiency HVAC systems compared to standard systems. If you answered, "It doesn't matter." there is a reason behind your answer. Price? Not planning to stay in the home? Satisfied with the old system or type you used to have? Whatever the reason, there be will those who will not change their mind about the subject...and that's okay. For those who want to know more, there are many benefits to having a high-efficient HVAC system. The technology of the HVAC industry is ever-changing. With new refrigerant laws, rising energy prices, noise and indoor air quality concerns, high-efficiency HVAC is on the right path for a more comfortable, healthier, and greener tomorrow. For the long run.

The links on this page will take you to HVAC equipment online.

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If you change a condenser unit make sure the indoor unit is compatible.

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Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
Indoor Air Handler / Blower / Fan Unit
Inversion / Inverter
Gas Furnace / Gas Boiler
Oil Furnace / Oil Boiler
Hydronic: Water / Steam
Ground Souce / Water Source
High Efficiency / Ratings
Btu / Btu/h
Condensing Flue
Refrigerants / Ozone
Heat Pumps / Condensers
Central Air Conditioners / Cooling

The main difference from natural and L.P. gas is its orifice size and pressure.