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Compressor Time Delay Relays

Compressor time delay relays are low-voltage-controlled timers on the outdoor condenser that prevent compressor short-cycling. Short-cycling occurs when the compressor shuts off and tries to start before the system's refrigerant pressures equalize (both suction and discharge pressures are the same psi). There are several reasons a compressor would short-cycle; the most common being indoor temperature fluctuations. This means the thermostat is calling for cooling or heating too soon between run times. An undersized or oversized system, the system is not performing properly (e.g. filters dirty, low refrigerant levels, etc.), extreme indoor temperature changes (cooling down then heating up or vice versa), or even the little one playing with the thermostat are reasons for a compressor to short-cycle. Newer systems have time delays that are factory installed in the condenser. Older systems or "builder/contractor" models may not contain a compressor time delay. These little controls can be the "saving grace" for the compressor from internal damage. Compressor time delay relays should be added for extra protection or when an existing unit needs that extra "relief" between run times. There are several different types of compressor time delay relays on the market. Most of your common time delays are wired in series with the low-voltage control wiring and activate "on make" or "on break". "On break" means that the delay timer activates when the unit shuts off. "On make" means the delay timer activates when the unit calls for heating or cooling. Most of your compressor time delay relays have switches to set the delay time in seconds or minutes. Some relays have a fixed delay time. The most common delay setting for a residential system is 5-10 minutes.

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