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Depending on the type of boiler (steam or water), each has its own type of controls for safety and operation.

Hydronic Heating Equipment Controls:
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Pressure Regulators
Flame Detectors
Low Water Cut Offs
Reset Controls
DHW / Setpoint Controls
Staging & Modulating
Temperature Controls
Circulators / Zone Valves
Combustion / Ignition
Primary / Cad Cell
Stack / Flue
Time Delays

The links on this page will take you to boiler controls online.

A primary cad cell control "senses" the flame on an oil burner and allows the inital operation of the system. If the cad cell (photocell) does not detect a flame it will shut down the operation. If this occurs, the primary control will need to be manually reset. Never reset a primary control more then once before determining the cause for the shutdown.

Steam boilers have low-water controls that shuts down the operation of the boiler if the water level in the boiler falls below a sensor probe or float.