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HEPA Filters - High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance

Go to HEPA Filter SalesHEPA Filter Sales linkHEPA Filter Sales:The All HEPA Filters category page lists all the HEPA Filters we carry in one big list. HEPA Filter Sales is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality replacement HEPA filters, air cleaner filters, humidifier filters and UV lamps for your home heating and air conditioning system.
– https://hepafiltersales.com/category/All-HEPA-Filters
Go to iAllergyiAllergy linkiAllergy:True HEPA Filters | Activated Carbon Air Filters | iAllergy.com
– http://www.iallergy.com
Go to Allergy Be GoneAllergy Be Gone linkAllergy Be Gone:For optimal air purifier performance, a HEPA filter replacement should be made every 1-3 years. Your carbon HEPA pre-filter should be changed every 2-3 months. This variable time span depends upon your home environment and how often the unit is used. For constant use in homes or businesses with heavy smoke, odors and other harmful airborne particles, your machine will require filter changes more often. Replacing the carbon pre-filter will prolong the life of the HEPA filter.
– http://www.allergybegone.com/hepandprefre
Go to Air Filters Inc.Air Filters Inc. linkAir Filters Inc.:Learn More About HEPA & ULPA Air Filters | Air Filters, Inc. | Air Filters, Inc.
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Go to HEPA Air DirectHEPA Air Direct linkHEPA Air Direct:HEPA Air Direct is a manufacturer of Aftermarket HEPA Filters for room air purifiers. IQAir® Austin Air®, Honeywell®, Duracraft, Filter Queen® and Sears.
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Go to Filters FastFilters Fast linkFilters Fast:Air Filters and Furnace Filters by 3m Filtrete, Aprilaire, Honeywell, Trion, Air Bear, Holmes & more. Lowest Price and Best Service Guaranteed!
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Go to Air Purifiers AmericaAir Purifiers America linkAir Purifiers America:All About HEPA Air Purifiers | About HEPA Air Purifiers & Filters | Air Purifiers America Filters | Air Purifiers America | HEPA is considered the world's best indoor air quality technology and provides excellent results, removing up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants. Learn More.
– https://www.air-purifiers-america.com/pages/all-about-hepa-air-purifiers-and-air-filters
Go to CleanroomCleanroom linkCleanroom:Introducing the latest line of clean room products available exclusively at Cleanroom Filters & Supplies. Advanced Air Handling Equipment product line includes Bag-in/Bag-out housings, HEPA housings, HEPA holding frames, side access ASHRAE housings. Softwall cleanrooms, tacky mats, shoe cleaners, prefilters, cleanroom furniture, cleaning agents, cleanroom garments, HEPA vacuums, particle counters & cleanroom wipes.
– http://www.hepafilters.com/products-page/filter-products
Go to All FiltersAll Filters linkAll Filters:Can I use a HEPA filter for my furnace? | All Filters.com | Outlines the difference between HEPA filters and traditional AC and furnace filters. Find out if a HEPA air filter is the right choice for your household.
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Go to GraingerGrainger linkGrainger:HEPA Filters - Air Filters - Grainger Industrial Supply | Use a HEPA filter from Grainger to help purify air in clean room environments such as labs, hospitals and electronics manufacturing plants. Shop online now!
– https://www.grainger.com/category/hepa-filters/air-filters/hvac-and-refrigeration
Go to Pure AirPure Air linkPure Air:HEPA Air Filtration Systems - PureAirSystems.com | Save money on a HEPA air filtration system and keep your homes indoor air clean.
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Go to Guardian TechnologiesGuardian Technologies linkGuardian Technologies:Replacement HEPA Filters - Filters & Accessories | Guardian Technologies™ -Genuine Replacement HEPA Filters
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Go to LennoxLennox linkLennox:Healthy Climate HEPA Filter | Air Purification | Lennox Residential | The Healthy Climate HEPA system uses hospital-grade filtration technology to control contaminants and remove them from your home environment.
– http://www.lennox.com/products/indoor-air-quality/air-purification/hepa
Go to HoneywellHoneywell linkHoneywell:Air Purifier Filters | Air Filters | Replacement Air Filters | HoneywellStore.com | Genuine Honeywell air purifier filters help remove allergy provoking dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke and mold spores from the indoor air you and your loved ones breathe.
– http://www.honeywellstore.com/store/category/air-purifier-filters

HEPA Air Filters:
Terms & Online References

High Efficiency Air Filtration
Removes 99.97% Airborne Particulates
Allergens / Pollen
Viruses / Germs / Pathogens
Dust / Dirt / Dander
Mold Spores
Pleated Filters / Accordian Filters / Box Filters
Air Purifier Filters
Room Air Cleaners
HEPA Rated / True HEPA

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