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ULPA Filters are the highed rated filtration media havinga 99.9995% efficiency rating. Ultra low penetration air filtration is a only used in special industries that need to make absolutley sure that no contaiminents are present in the indoor air.

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ULPA filtration is the maximum filtering media for air-bourne contaminants.

Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filtration

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Special housings are used to contain ULPA filters.

ULPA Filtration:
Terms & Online References

1,000 nanometers = 1 micron = 10-6µm
99.9995% efficiency @ 0.12 micron
High Efficient Filtration
FIlter Media / Micro / Fiberglass
Pressure Drop / Air Flow Resistance
UL900 Requirements
Non-Corrosive / Corrosion Resistant
Water Resistance / Humidity
Temperature Resistance
Clean Processes / Cleanroom
Airflow / Air Volume

The links on this page will take you to ULPA filters online.

ULPA filters are specially used where indoor air quality needs to be above standard levels or to maintain air contaminants that can not be trapped with other filtration methods.

ULPA filters are mostly used in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and healthcare industries.