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Direct From The Tech...
Why Programmable Heat Pump Thermostats Costs So Much More Than Other Thermostats

If you have a heat pump system and you wanted to convert your standard set back thermostat to a programmable, you may have been taken back by the price. Don't be fooled by the price of a regular programmable thermostat for a furnace or boiler. I heard people say, "I can buy one of them at the store for fifty dollars!" You will be taking it back to the store when you realize it is not for a heat pump system. Before I justify the price difference, it is best to explain how a heat pump works compared to a furnace or boiler. First, you should know the meaning of the term "temperature differential" as it pertains to a thermostat. "Temperature differential" is the difference between the actual room temperature at the thermostat and the setpoint (the setting you manually set the temperature to) of the thermostat. When a furnace or boiler thermostat calls for heat, it goes through the same heat cycle whether the temperature differential is two degrees or ten. Some high-efficiency furnaces may have a variable speed blower that will run at a higher or lower RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) depending on the temperature differential, but the heating cycle (burner on - fan - burner off - fan) is the same. A heat pump is different because it is designed to utilize auxiliary heat (electric backup heaters) by the temperature difference the thermostat is calling for and the actual room temperature. Depending on the size of your heat pump system, you may have several 'banks' of auxiliary heaters. Each of these 'banks' of heat comes on in stages. The amount of auxiliary heat you use depends on the thermostat's temperature differential. For example, if your room temperature is 65°F and you set your thermostat for 72°F, the heat pump system will start to stage its auxiliary heaters to come on until the indoor temperature is roughly around 71°F. At this point, it will only use the actual heat pump to maintain the temperature. If you were ever told not to turn the temperature up 4 or more degrees on a heat pump, this is why. A properly sized and maintained heat pump system should only use its auxiliary heaters as a secondary or supplemental heat source. All heat pump systems need a secondary heat source to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature on exceedingly cold days and nights. Even with supplement electric auxiliary heaters, a heat pump system is a highly efficient heat source compared to fossil-fueled systems. A programmable thermostat for a heat pump system is like a miniature computer. It calculates the temperature differential and how much time it would take to heat your home without using an excessive amount of auxiliary heat. For example, if you set your heat pump to be 65°F when you were at away at work between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm and you want it to be 72°F when you got home at 5:00 pm. The thermostat will calculate how much time it would take to go from 65 to 72 degrees and stage the heat pump to raise it to that temperature efficiently. You can also program the thermostat for different temperatures for different days and times during those days. A programmable heat pump thermostat can save 12% to 24% in energy costs compared to a standard set back thermostat depending on the region and usage. TECH NOTE: If you are a DIYer, research the low-voltage wiring circuit for your system to make sure the new programmable thermostat you are looking to install is compatible.

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