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On this reference page are direct links to heat pump air handlers and indoor evaporator coils. High efficiency blower units and single cased or uncased coils need a compatible outdoor condensing unit to work properly.

Heat pump fan units and evaporator coils

The links on this page will take you directly to heat pump indoor units online.

Heat Pump Air Handlers & Indoor Coils

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Heat Pump Equipment

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Heat pumps don't actually pump heat, they absorb cold air and extract the remaining heat.

Heat Pump Air Handlers & Indoor Coils:
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Accurator / Piston / Orifice
BTU/H, Tonnage
Condensation Pump
Condensate Pipe
Capillary Pipe/Tubing
Drain Pans / Primary & Secondary
Evaporator Coil
Flat Coil
Insulation Tubing
Liquid / Suction / Lines / Piping
Refrigerant Coil
Refrigerant Types
Slant Finned Coil
Subcooling / Superheat
Thermal Expansion Valve / TXV / TEV

The links on this page will take you to heat pump air handlers and coils online.

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Heat pump air handlers can have a flat, slant or A-coil inside them. Indoor blower units can be mounted vertically and horizonally. Some models can also be installed downflow with the return air on top and supply on the bottom.

High efficiency heat pump air handlers use a variable speed fan. This allows the system to produce a constant recirculation of heat or cooling depending on the temperature setting differential. Single speed blowers shut down immediately once the thermostat is satisfied; leaving useful, conditioned air uncirculated.