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Go to VendavoVendavo linkVendavo:Price Manager™ | Vendavo | Enable dynamic price setting and agile management of Big Data from pricing thousands of products, all from an intuitive business intelligence dashboard.
– http://www.vendavo.com/products/price-manager
Go to Schmitt ProfiToolsSchmitt ProfiTools linkSchmitt ProfiTools:Price Management & Analysis Software | Manage your pricing and establish profitable pricing strategies with our pricing software tools.
– http://www.go-spi.com/pricemanagement/price-management-software
Go to JDAJDA linkJDA:Solutions | JDA Software | Pricing and Revenue Management
– https://jda.com/solutions#solutions-for-service-based-industries-pricing-and-revenue-management
Go to StratinisStratinis linkStratinis:Stratinis Pricing Suite Enterprise Edition - Stratinis Price and Revenue Management
– https://www.stratinis.com/stratinis-pricing-suite-enterprise-edition
Go to VistaarVistaar linkVistaar:Price Management Solutions | Vistaar.com | Pricing provides the fastest and most effective way for companies to grow profits. However, even companies who agree with this tenet often find it difficult to implement pricing best practices with any consistency and lasting impact.
– http://www.vistaar.com/pms/price-management-solutions
Go to OracleOracle linkOracle:Price Management | Applications | Oracle.com | Oracle's Price Management solution is the single most important lever organizations have to improve profits. Price Management is a closed-loop process whereby companies analyze, plan, publish, execute and negotiate price.
– http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/ebusiness/price-management
Go to epaCUBEepaCUBE linkepaCUBE:epaCUBE | Price Optimizer - epaCUBE.com | Optimised Pricing. Maximized Profits.
– http://www.epacube.com/software/price-optimizer
Go to SyncronSyncron linkSyncron:Price Management Software | Syncron | Syncron's Global Price Management Software helps you set the right price and synchronize global pricing, thus, maximizing your profit. Powerful easy-to-use pricing software.
– http://www.syncron.com/en/solutions/global-price-management
Go to ZilliantZilliant linkZilliant:Price Optimization | Pricing Software | Price Management Software | Pricing Strategy | MarginMax is the only mathematical price optimization software application for B2B markets. It leverages patented data science to produce pricing guidance that helps decision makers execute on their pricing strategy and get the right answer every time and improve profits.
– http://www.zilliant.com/products-services/marginmax
Go to VistexVistex linkVistex:Manage complex pricing | The solution covers all aspects of your Schmitt ProfiTools pricing management needs, including price administration, deal and promotional offer management, price execution and robust pricing analytics.
– http://pages.vistex.com/Price_Management_Software
Go to PROSPROS linkPROS:Price Management & Strategy Software - Control - PricingPRO PROS | Centralize price management and price strategy to create a single source of pricing truth with PROS Control price management software.
– http://www.pros.com/solutions/price-optimization-software/price-management
Go to PrisyncPrisync linkPrisync:Prisync is a competitor price tracking and monitoring software for all sizes of e-commerce companies worldwide.
– https://www.prisync.com
Go to IntuitIntuit linkIntuit:Pricing Strategies | Enterprise Price Management Software | Adanced pricing strategies help you implement special promotions, cost-of-goods increases, manufacturer markdowns, price changes by class & much more.
– https://quickbooks.intuit.ca/quickbooks-enterprise-software/enterprise-solutions/advanced-pricing
Go to FlintfoxFlintfox linkFlintfox:Advanced Pricing Software - Flintfox nPrice - Flintfox | Our next generation pricing engine allows the execution of complex pricing rules, against multi-terabyte databases, with sub-millisecond response times.
– https://www.flintfox.com/platforms/flintfox-nprice
Go to CompeteraCompetera linkCompetera:Pricing optimization Software | Less than 10 minutes repricing your assortment and boosting all business KPIs | Price Optimisation boosts all business KPIs. Competera pricing software can bring your price optimization processes to a new level, starting with sales and management workflow performance.
– https://competera.net/pricing-software

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Revenue Management
Tracking / Monitoring
Database / Products
Repricing / Changes

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