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When Your Vehicle Needed Repairs You Got Betsy

We had eighteen service vans and seventeen service technicians and one Betsy. No one wanted Betsy, she had seen the road many times. In her day, she was the top of the line for a service vehicle. She was one of the first vehicles in our fleet to have air conditioning. Her doors creak and her interior shelves squeak with every bump in the road. Though her former drivers treated her well, she's been used far beyond expectations. Her tire rims have rubbed many street curbs. Her back bumper has supported the weight of many service people removing ladders from her roof racks. Her roof shows the scratches where ladders were slid many times on her roof rack. She bears the marks of broken bungee cords that after being stretched to their limit; snapped and slapped its metal hooks on her roof. Her interior shelves show the signs of many parts and tools being taken out and replaced. Someone lost the keys to her shelf doors many years ago. They still close and shut, but some you have to lift up on the door handle for it to close. Sometimes when you hit a pothole in the road one or two pop open. The techs know to secure their tools or parts in these closets. With two pumps on the gas and the turn of the ignition, she starts with a grumble; like someone who was woke from a sleep (and does not want to get going). The driver knows its best to let her run for a minute or two before persuading her to move. Once roused, she moves on to the next job. Even with her flaws, Betsy remains part of the fleet and treated the same as if she was new. Her mileage recorded monthly and safety inspections performed yearly. She is serviced and maintained as detailed in our fleet maintenance management plan. We can generate reports when her tires were rotated and her transmission fluid drained and filter changed. Betsy can still do her current job. When management deems it time to purchase some new vehicles added to the fleet, Betsy will retire from this job and another Betsy will take her place. Our fleet management plan will show us who will be the best Betsy to choose from the motor pool.

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