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Duct Mounted Ultraviolet Air Purifiers - Remove viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other nasty microorganisms from your indoor air.

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Whole Home UV Germicidal Air Purifiers

Go to Abatement TechnologiesAbatement Technologies linkAbatement Technologies:Our residential air purifiers allow you to convert your central HVAC system into a hospital-grade HEPA filtration system for your entire home.
Go to Air OasisAir Oasis linkAir Oasis:Why settle for clean air in just one room? Whole home air purifiers can clean the air in your entire home or office. Reduce germs, odors and allergens.
Go to Air Purifiers & CleanersAir Purifiers & Cleaners linkAir Purifiers & Cleaners: Great selection of top-rated USA-made UV light air cleaners with low prices, & excellent customer service.
Go to American Air & WaterAmerican Air & Water linkAmerican Air & Water:HVAC Coil Clean UV disinfection systems for cooling coils and in-duct ultraviolet disinfection air cleaners.
Go to Atlantic UltravioletAtlantic Ultraviolet linkAtlantic Ultraviolet:Atlantic Ultraviolet has a wide vary of Ultraviolet Air, Room Air, Air Duct, Air and Surface Disinfection Equipment, suited for many uv air applications.
Go to Bel-AireBel-Aire linkBel-Aire:Ultra Violet Air Germicidal Purifiers Systems and Replacement Parts Manufactured by Honeywell and White-Rodgers.
Go to BioZoneBioZone linkBioZone:BioZone's automated, chemical-free system for cleaning and disinfecting HVAC equipment, including cooling coils, drain pans, and ventilation ductwork.
Go to CarrierCarrier linkCarrier:Our UV air purifiers mean lights out for mold and bacteria. They kill the organisms that can grow on the indoor coil of your cooling system. | UV Air Purifiers | Germicidal Lamps | Carrier Residential
Go to Fresh-Aire UVFresh-Aire UV linkFresh-Aire UV:Fresh-Aire UV residential products overview.
Go to GeneralAireGeneralAire linkGeneralAire:General Filters provides the top whole house, residential UV air purifier systems that can be installed in your home on the market. | Whole House Residential UV Air Purifier Systems - General Filters, Inc.
Go to HoneywellHoneywell linkHoneywell:Remove bacteria and prevent mold from forming with Honeywell UV purifiers. Safe, reliable.| UV Air Purifiers | Honeywell Home
Go to LennoxLennox linkLennox:Germicidal lights use intense rays of ultraviolet light to control and kill contaminants like viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold improving the air in your entire home.| UV Germicidal Lights | Air Purification | Lennox Residential
Go to Light ExportsLight Exports linkLight Exports:LightExports offers large selection of HVAC UV systems and Air Filters for Air Purification systems. You will find large selection of UV systems for residential and commercial usage, and also many of the Air Filter replacements for popular systems such as GermGuardian and BlueAir. We also offer UltimateAir Purification system which is becoming one of the most popular UV System to sterilize the Air in residential purposes, you can purchase it from us with same day shipping. Check out our selections for more detail.
Go to PeacockPeacock linkPeacock:Bio-Fighter UVC light systems, control bacteria, viruses, and mold in the HVAC system with ultra violet light. | Dust Free Bio-Fighter UVC Light Systems, LightStick Nomad, Triad, and Commercial XLSeries
Go to SanuvoxSanuvox linkSanuvox:As pollution increases in the different part of our world, Sanuvox offer you a portefolio of over 20 different products that each solves Indoor Air Quality issues and challenges. | COIL STERILIZATION | SANUVOX
Go to SolarisUVSolarisUV linkSolarisUV:Bring cleaner air to your life™ |
Go to SwordfishSwordfish linkSwordfish:Swordfish UVC Air Treatment System is a leading North American provider of UV air purifiers designed to improve indoor air quality by eliminating harmful air pollutants. Whole Home UV Air Treatment System Kills Molds, Viruses, and Fungus in Indoor Air.
Go to UltravationUltravation linkUltravation:Ultravation Germicidal and Odor Reduction Room Air Purifier | Ultravation - We are Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialists
Go to UltraViolet Air TreatmentUltraViolet Air Treatment linkUltraViolet Air Treatment:UV Purifiers |
Go to YorkYork linkYork:Ultraviolet Air Treatment System | For Your Home | York

Always change bulbs with the same wattage as the OEM bulb's rating

Ultraviolet (UV) Systems:
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Mold / Mildew / Spores
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Airborne Microorganisms
UV Light Disinfection
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HVAC Indoor Coil / Mounted in Ductwork / Inline
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Air Purification
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An ultraviolet air purifier is only as good as its bulbs. Make sure the bulbs are changed by the manufacturer's recommendation on usage limitations.

UV-C air cleaners should only operate when the HVAC system's indoor blower operates. There are electric controls that can be wired in series with the fan operation and the UV unit. Check with the manufacturer first on their recommendation.