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HCFC, CFC, HFC, HFO refrigerants online. Virgin, reclaimed and recycled HVAC/R refrigerants. R-22, r22, R22 alternatives and drop-ins. You must be EPA certified to be able to handle and use refrigerants.

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Refrigerants For HVACR Systems

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True or False? All refrigerants are man-made chemicals. False. Water (R-718) is a refrigerant.

HVAC/R Refrigerants:
Terms & Online References

R-12 / R12 / r12 / R-123 / R123 / r123: Dichlorodifluoromethane
R-22 / R22 / r22 / Freon™: Chlorodifluoromethane
R-23 / R23 / r23: Trifluoromethane
R-407a / R407 / r407: Pentafluoroethane & Tetrafluoroethane & Difluoromethane
R-410a / R410a / r410a: Difluoromethane & Pentafluoroethane
R-134a / R134a / r134a:Tetrafluoroethane
EPA Certified
Virgin / Recycled / Reclaimed
Dirty / Mixed / Contaminated
Blends / Retrofits / Drop-Ins
R-22 Alternatives
Buyback / Recovery

The links on this page will take you to HVACR refrigerants online.

There are many alternative (drop-in) refrigerants on the market that are compatible to replace HCFC (R-22) refrigerants

Never mix refrigerants. Mixing refrigerants dimishes the opportunity for it to be recycled.