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Used and recycled waste oil heaters. Portable, hanging, and stand-alone heaters that are heated using waste and used oils.

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Heaters fueled by waste or used oil online.

Used Oil Area Heaters

Go to AaLadinAaLadin linkAaLadin:The AaLadin Cleaning Systems Eliminator 120 Waste Oil Heaters are designed to provide long-lasting and dependable service.
Go to Ag & Industrial EquipmentAg & Industrial Equipment linkAg & Industrial Equipment:Horizon Waste Oil Heater multi-oil heaters are clean burning and economical and convert those BTU's into money-saving energy to heat your shop.
Go to Central Ohio HeatersCentral Ohio Heaters linkCentral Ohio Heaters:Looking for a Shenandoah waste oil furnace at much less than the price of new? You've come to the right place. We have Shenandoah heaters, with like new quality.
Go to EconoheatEconoheat linkEconoheat:Omni Waste Oil Heaters - Outstanding selection of the worlds finest Waste Oil Heaters & Furnaces. Heater Models from 75,000-500,000 BTU.
Go to FirelakeFirelake linkFirelake:Waste oil heaters burn used oil with Firelake Manufacturing patented burner.
Go to HeatechHeatech linkHeatech:Waste Oil Heat, Waste Oil Heaters, Waste Oil Furnace |
Go to LanairLanair linkLanair:Lanair is the #1 Manufacturer of Waste Oil Fired Heaters, Providing Green Heat for your building!
Go to MattsonMattson linkMattson:Mattson Distributing offers Hotsy and Thermobile waste oil heaters – great as as a secondary heating source while reducing waste oil disposal fees.
Go to Northern ToolNorthern Tool linkNorthern Tool:Shop 28 Waste Oil Heaters products at Northern Tool + Equipment
Go to Power EaglePower Eagle linkPower Eagle:Waste Oil Heaters - Power Eagle Cleaning Systems
Go to ReznorReznor linkReznor:Find out more about Reznor waste-oil fired heaters and boilers. We offer a variety of waste-oil fired products that can meet your business' needs.
Go to Steel EagleSteel Eagle linkSteel Eagle:Waste Oil Heater |
Go to The Home DepotThe Home Depot linkThe Home Depot:Offer an efficient and reliable means of heating by choosing this Omni BTU Waste Oil Fired Heater. Easy to clean out access.
Go to Whitten EnterprisesWhitten Enterprises linkWhitten Enterprises:Wedco Waste Oil Heaters |
Go to Z.M. HeatersZ.M. Heaters linkZ.M. Heaters:Waste Oil Heater from ZM Heaters |

When placing the unit on a stand or on the floor, do not store materials on or around the system.

Waste-Oil Fired Heaters:
Terms & Online References

Forced Hot Air Unit
Blower / Fan
Space Heater
Ceiling Mounted
Packaged / Louvered
Chimney / Stack
Staged Burner / Variable Speed Fan
Cleaning & Maintenance
Motor / Engine Oil
Diesel Fuel
Vegetable Oil / Cooking Oil
Hydraulic Fluid
Gear Oil
Transmission Fluid
Bio-Fuel Fired Units
#1 to #6 Fuel Oils
Tax Credits & Energy Savings

The links on this page will take you to waste-oil heaters online.

Most waste oil space heaters have louvers to direct the air flow depending on the placement of the unit.

These units are placed on stands or mounted to the ceiling with the supply facing the open area.